04 October 2009

Trial...and Error

I've had a lazy, lollopy sort of weekend. I wasn't feeling at all well on Friday so took the day off work and have spent most of the weekend lounging and hooking. I did make a trip to get some yarn yesterday. I wanted to be in and out and back home quickly, but had great difficulty choosing yarn shades, despite having pondered over the sample cards.

So, after much stacking and lining up and arranging of yarn, I chose these to take home. Apologies for the poor photography, the light hasn't been good.

Of course, once home I was already doubting my choice and quickly made up two sample squares

I was quite pleased with the first square (on the left).The idea was to have the third rounds in green and bronze to reflect the changing leaf colours.The grey came out much darker than I expected. It probably doesn't help that the deeper and darker colours are all together in one square; it's just that I wanted to use all 8 colours in the square samples, and that's how it worked out.

So then I wondered - what if I make all the leaves green and use the two brown shades to outline? 
Hmmm, I think that looks better. That would mean using green for round three on all the squares, the two brown shades for round four and a random choice of the other four colours (omitting the grey now) for the central flower. Confused yet? I am.

But then....what if; what...if  when they're all put together the grey doesn't look too bad after all? Have I been too hasty here? I coudn't work out how to do this with PSP, so did a mock up in Word which I now can't post here. Hrrmmmph!!! You'll have to use your imagination - but it did look better - honest.

Back to square one (excuse the pun). Any thoughts and opinions would be MOST appreciated. Before I give up completely and make hexagons instead :)


  1. i really like all the colour combinations......including the grey, i'm sure a mixture of light and darker squares mixed up would look rather beautiful.............however the hexagons look rather good too eh!...not much help am i.

  2. LOL - thanks elsy! This is the hardest part of the process for me. I think I'll try some with the grey and see how it goes :)

  3. I actually really like the hexagons! The one edged in red in particular. It reminds me of poppies, and obviously I do love poppies!

    The thing about granny squares, I think, is that it's quite hard to judge colour when you look at the squares in isolation. Some of mine I've looked at and thought...hmmm, not keen on that one... but as part of a whole, it really works. When you look at the first pic of just the balls of wool, the colours really go well, so I think if you stuck with it, it would work out.