11 October 2009

Crafty shopping

Hello! I've recovered from my mega shopping trip in London yesterday. Like I said in my earlier post, I ended up spending waaaaay too much money! But then, I knew I would, heehee. That said, after uploading the photos it doesn't seem a lot. But ohhhh what fun it will be to play with these. I also made my first mosaic - hope you like it.

 So....what do we have? (Don't forget that you can click on the images for a better look!)
Working left to right along the top row - I got myself some new tools that I've been wanting for a while.

Two Clover soft touch crochet hooks (4.5mm & 5mm); a yarn cutter pendant - also by Clover; a silver coloured scissor chatelaine (for embroidery) and some AB beads for an unfinished project (more about that in another post).
Then there are some new buttons

(now living in my Cath Kidston button tin).

Then we have three new stitchy projects with everything included in the packs.

First off is a little boxy zipped bag kit - I thought this would be good to keep projects on the go in. Then, the most gorgeous seahorse silverwork embroidery kit. It doesn't show up well in the picture (theirs or mine!) but they had a sample on display and it was truly beautiful! When I get started I'll post pics as I go. Then there's a crewel work kit of a pink rose. All three of these projects will introduce me to a new thing - inserting zips, silverwork and crewel work.

Along the bottom row is - a stack of colourful felt squares fron Blooming Felt.

These are pure wool and approximately 4mm thick. I've been wanting to do something with felt for a while now - but aren't they just pretty to look at stacked like that with a bow around them?

Then quite a little hoard of buttons from the button company.

The two little bags were pic n mix, then there are some lovely coconut buttons (top left), cute little gingham printed buttons, pastel shades of a larger button and colourful flower shaped buttons. Irresistable!  

So it will be porridge and beans on toast for me now until Christmas; but that's alright because I've got plenty to do!


  1. Wonderful fun new tools. Love allllll the buttons. Now, let's talk about those cute as can be felt squares. What are you making? Please, share your WIP...

  2. I *love* that little stack of felt. It's like a little rainbow of felty happiness!

    Totally worth a few months of poverty :)

  3. Hello.......just been having a really lovely stroll through your recent blog posts, catching up with your yarns choices, colours, little experiments...ahhhh SO like me!!! I deliberate for an age on all this sort of thing, but I think thats a huge part of the fun in starting out making a blanket.
    I am in love with those Rowan shade cards, i just adore them.
    Wishing you happy hooking :o)

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and spend your hard earned pennies on my felt stacks - I'm sorry if I didn't have time to speak to you when you popped by, but thank you anyway and make sure you let me know what you do with your felt !! Sarah x

  5. Your purchases are lovely - I Loooovee the crochet hooks - happy hooking with those