01 November 2009

Theatre Night

Hello! I've been neglecting the blog a bit lately, things have been busy at work and there hasn't been much time for crafting or blogging. Last night though, I went ona long awaited theatre trip to London with my friend Susie. Susie is the only person I know who doesn't mind - even likes - driving in London, which meant an easy door to door journey there and back.

We went to see Inherit the Wind at the Old Vic inspired by the famous Scopes 'Monkey Trial'. It's been a while since I visited the theatre and Iwasn't disappointed. Kevin Spacey and David Troughton gave wonderful performances; quite mesmerising. If you get the chance I'd recommend it. No pictures to show I'm afraid.

I really must start going into town more often. Last time, a few months ago, I went up to the Natural History Museum. I absolutely love this museum - the building is as interesting as it's contents - a real cathedral to the natural sciences. These pictures are all taken in the main entrance hall (don't forget you can click on the pictures for a better view) - with dippy the diplodocus centre stage and Darwin looking down from the stairs.

The ceiling panels are botanical illustrations (wouldn't they make wonderful embroideries?)

There are carvings on the pillars:

This is probably the link my brain just made to Inherit the Wind: Man or monkey?
Yes - I really must go again SOON!