20 October 2009


Hooray! I got this book from Amazon today

I can't believe I carried it around all day with me at work without peeking! Just as well, or no work would have got done. I'm busy looking through all the delightful pictures and projects right now. The book even comes with pre cut CK fabric to make the cover bag. At first glance the projects are well thought out. They look simple enough and incorporate applique, quilting and patchwork. Something for everyone I think from kids stuff to household items and my personal favourites - the bags!

So please excuse me - I'm off to devour more!


  1. I've wondered about that book myself let me know what you think - I might ask Father Christmas for it!

  2. So now I'm really jealous. C.K and some of the fabric.... I'm wondering if it can be ordered here in the U.S.of A. Just have to go look... Thanks for sharing your postal treasure with us today. Have a wonderful night with your goodie.

  3. Oh my! Eye candy!!