20 May 2010

Open House

Every May and December, Brighton and Hove hosts the “Artists Open Houses” festival. Homes, gardens and studios across the city (and beyond) open their doors to the public over the weekend to show a huge range of arts and crafts produced by local people. This May, a staggering 243 venues opened their doors to passers by.

To be honest, I find it a mind boggling exercise to choose where to visit. Houses often show a number of artists work including paintings, prints, needlework, sculpture, crochet and knitting, jewellery and much, much more. The quality does of course vary and not everything will be to everyone’s taste. But this is part of the appeal and is a welcome change to mass produced, mainstream crap stuff that you often see for sale elsewhere. It’s a bit like having walk in Etsy stores with the added bonus of getting to look around other peoples homes!

So last Sunday I went to the shop and gallery of the Sussex Guild at Southover Grange in Lewes, having been seduced by the prints of Annie Soudain. I ended up buying three cards of her prints - but I would have loved to have taken home a full size original (one day!).
Annie was actually manning (womanning?) the shop so I managed to have a chat with her - a lovely and talented lady.

Southover Grange is a beautiful 17th century building with wonderful gardens. Across the lawn is a gateway into a floral garden through which runs the river Ouse.

It reminds me of The Secret Garden. I hadn't even known this place existed before and will definitely visit again (when the weather is nice).

I did take a couple of flower pictures, but they didn't come out too well, so I'll leave you with one of my favourite flowers:
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Stunning gardens. Love the brick arch too. Can I come over for a walk down that path. Delicious.


  2. Hey Hooked, I have heard of Southover Grange and had no idea it looks like that - will have to check it out. Im hoping to do the one in Ditchling this weekend sometime. Glad you had a fun time. **Kim**

  3. Those prints/cards are beautiful! Your photos of Southover Grange were lovely to see. :-) I actually lived in Brighton for a year about 10 years ago and your photos made me homesick for Sussex. Makes me :-( and :-) if you know what I mean! You live in a beautiful part of the world.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Caz from Never Knew in North Queensland.