02 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung! (and about time too!)

After torrential rain and mad gustiness over the weekend, the last two days have been lov-er-ly. The winter coat has been replaced with a lightweight, I am able to walk to and from work in daylight (hurray!), the crocuses are pushing up to say hello, the birds are singing, I have some sunny yellow tulips by the window and all is right with the world.

I like many things about winter but in January and early February I get the blahs. I just want to sleep and my energy, creativity and mood take a dive. Which is why there has been such a long gap since my last post. I have had no words and nothing to report on. Even getting myself in front of the computer was a struggle and my reading of  other blogs (and my e-mails) dwindled from daily to rarely.

But I'm back now and need to get busy as there are some birthdays coming up! I still intend to include a little homemade something in the gifts so will be letting you all know how it's going. Can you believe that this:
is all the crochet I've done since I last wrote here? Maybe I was dreaming of spring, knowing that my spark would come back with the flowers.

So I will leave you all to some more yellow floweriness and hope that they give you the lift that they give to me!
Now I'm off to catch up with my favourite bloggers... take care



  1. Hello I just discovered your site. Glad you're getting into the spring mood - it feels like its been a long time coming this year doesnt it!!


  2. Well hello! Spring has sprung and now you have returned to bloggy land - perhaps you are a crocus as well :)

    (yeah that sounded naff. But hi!)

  3. I wondered if you were ok - it has been a terribly long cold winter and certainly we all feel more like doing stuff once the spring arrives - hibernation ends **Kim**x

  4. I am so ready for Spring - this winter just seems to have lasted for ever - the tulips are beautiful - thanks for lighting up my day :D

  5. How funny about the decopatch - we might have been standing next to each other at the stand!! It was certainly a colourful stand. I think a coffee table would look grand indeed!!

  6. Gorgeous flowers. Everywhere I look, people are rejoicing in Spring. It's fab!

  7. I love these flowers! If you like, I have a link party on my blog. I would love it if you'll add something!