02 January 2010


Happy New Year! (a day late I know, but that's me:) )

Has any one made any new year resolutions? I never have, stubbornly refusing to do so every year. THIS year however, I think is time for a few.  I'm not talking the lose some weight, exercise more, sort out finances sort of thing here - I make those resolutions weekly!

No, my goals for this year are craft related. Partly due to the fact that I didnt make ANY Christmas cards for 2009 OR handmade presents* and partly due to the fact that I have not finished a single project on the blog so far, I came up with these:

In 2010, I will try my best to:
  1. Finish some projects - aim for minimum of one a month and having a big project on the go (aren't I brave setting a figure like that?! Note the "aim for" get out clause)
  2. Make a home made gift and card for each female birthday that I would buy a gift for
  3. Start wearing / showing my creations
  4. Make Christmas cards in advance 
  5. Take more photographs for 6
  6. Update blog regularly 
  7. Take a class / learn something new    

So, now you have them down in black and white - I'll review them at the end of the year. The above picture has no relevance -I just don't like to post without pics! (Hmmmm - although it is another WIP)

I'm hoping the blog will keep me motivated  - so please feel free to leave comments, they're always most welcome (I get ridiculously excited to see them to tell you the truth)!

Bye for now

* Actually, I did manage to crochet a last minute hat for mum, something I'd promised months before!


  1. Now you have written down your list you will be motivated to complete some there is nothing better than crossing items off a list!! Happy New Year, Hove looked great in the snow, I am not too far from you!

  2. Icks.... That's quite the list. I can only wish you the best of luck. But, sure am looking forward to Number 6...

  3. Hi there, Happy New Year!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I'm amazed at what you said. I must have missed it last year. I have been looking out for it for ages, The last few months of last year were quite demanding so that's when I probably missed it! THanks for telling me anyway. I can crochet, it's just that I want to improve! I want to learn more stitches and that's why I have gone back to basics.
    New Years Resolutions. well tomorrow night back to the slimming club for sure.
    More exercise too.
    Not so much computer work IF i can help it. I am addicted to blogging though, so that's pretty difficult.
    Nice to have you visit. I'll pop over again.
    Thanks Sue x

  4. lovely to find another happy hooker...good luck with your resolutions! Louise x

    PS I love your black cat completely gorgeous x

  5. Hello another hooky type YAY!!
    I too need to get around to actually finishing some of my projects instead of getting bored with them.
    Nice to find another crochet blogger,I'll be visiting again soon xxx