23 February 2011

A Glimpse of Stitch

Among my many, many unfinished projects is what was going to be a Christmas present for a friend. Erm, Christmas last year, yes.  Today, I had a rummage in my embroidery case and took it out. Terrible, terrible picture, but you get the gist.
This Buddha is from Jenny Hart's pattern "Om sweet om". It is (partly) stitched onto raw yellow (yes, that is yellow in real life!) silk from my curtain sample collection.

Looking at it now, I am not at all happy with the stitching, so will probably start over.  I was thinking of layering the silk square onto another fabric and making it into a miniature wall hanging. The original idea was to select three patterns (Buddha, Lotus Flower and one other) and join them together in a wall hanging.

I guess I could do the same thing but make a small bag or cushion? Anyway, it is her birthday SOON so hopefully I'll get it done in time and she will actually get it at last. I'm away for the weekend, so will have some time for some relaxing stitching.

Will post a better picture when it's done. I haven't forgotten about the tatting, just can't quite get past the basic stitch and picot yet!

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